Compose makes it easy to access the dockets of federal cases and add docket entries to your brief. To use our docket feature, please follow these steps:

1. Access a new or existing Compose motion

To use our docket tool, you will need to open a motion in Compose. You can either start a new motion in Compose, or open a Compose brief that you have already worked on. For more information about how to access a Compose motion that you are currently working on or a motion that you have previously worked on, please see the article, "Can I access a motion I’m working on or that I wrote any time?

2. Enter your case number

After you have opened a motion, you can use Compose's docket tool to look up the docket for a federal case and select docket entries to add to your brief. To use this feature, click on the "Docket" icon available from the left side of the screen. You will be prompted to enter your case number.

The case number that you enter must refer to a case within the jurisdiction that you selected when you started your motion. For example, if you selected the Central District of California as the court for your motion, you can use our docket tool to retrieve dockets for cases in the Central District of California only.

3. Select your preferred docket view

After entering the case number, you will see a list of docket entries from your case. You can view the docket entries in two ways: (1) reverse chronological order, which will the newest entries at the top, or (2) by selecting the button for "smart grouping," which will group docket entries according to the following categories: complaints, answers, affidavits or declarations, transcripts, orders, and other entries.

Reverse chronological view of docket entries:

Smart grouping view of docket entries:

4. Search the docket for a specific word or phrase

Quickly pull up a docket entry mentioning a specific word or phrase by entering that word or phrase into the search bar.

5. Add the docket entry to your brief

Once you have located the docket entry that you want to include in your brief, click the "Add" button. That will cause the docket entry to appear where you placed your cursor in your brief.

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