How do I change the text in my Compose motion?
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Compose allows you to easily change the text in your motion.

When your brief is open, please use your cursor to select the text that you want to change. You will notice that a small blue pop-up menu will appear above the selected text. If you are not sure how to open or access a brief that you previously worked on, please follow the instructions provided in this article, "Can I access a motion I’m working on or that I wrote anytime?"

From this menu, you'll have the option to bold or italicize the text you selected (by clicking on the B or I icons, respectively), or format your text as a block quote (by clicking on the quotation mark icon). You can also insert a hyperlink into your motion by clicking on the chain link icon. In addition, you can launch our Parallel Search engine to find cases in support of a sentence in your motion by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. To find out more about our Parallel Search tool, please see the article entitled, "What is Parallel Search?"

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