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What does a subscription to Casetext cover?
What does a subscription to Casetext cover?

An overview of Casetext Research content and features

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Casetext offers two subscription options: Basic Research and CoCounsel All Access. To learn what is covered by each plan, as well as the pricing for each plan, please see the article available here.

All Casetext subscriptions, however, include access to the following content and features:

-Cases from federal jurisdictions and all 50 states
-Statutes, regulations, and rules from federal and state jurisdictions
-Annotations for statutes, regulations, and rules
-Select federal administrative agency decisions (for details regarding our administrative agency coverage, please see the following article, Can I see a detailed list of your coverage?)
-Federal district court briefs, plus appellate court briefs from New York and California
-Case summaries written by judges
-Databases of black-letter legal propositions and case holdings
-Attorney-authored legal analyses
-Keyword and natural language searches through all content on our platform
-Our award-winning A.I.-based search engine, CARA, which allows you to upload a document to find cases on your specific legal and factual issues
-SmartCite, Casetext's citator, which enables you to check the appellate history of a case and understand how that case has been cited by other cases
-A brief checker, which will cite-check the authorities in your brief

If you have questions about the content or features included in any of our Casetext subscription plans, please contact us at

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