How do I download or print search results?
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To download or print search results, click the 'Actions' button located above the search bar, then click 'Download / Print'.

Once you've selected 'Download / Print', you will have the ability to select specific search results from the page by clicking on the grey box to the left of the search result title or select all 10 results displayed by clicking 'Select all on page' in the upper right-hand corner of the screen within the blue banner.


Once you have selected your desired search results from the page, you can choose to download or print the search results by using the corresponding button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen within the blue banner.

Whether you select 'Download' or 'Print', you will be presented with the ability to download/print the documents in full or the list of selected results as they appear on the search results page (preview snippet included). If you opt to download/print the documents themselves, you will also have the option to select your preferred column formatting and whether or not to include personal or key passage highlights.

This process can be repeated for each page of search results that you would like to download/print the search results for, or in batches of up to 30 results at one time.

If multiple pages of the same search results are downloaded, the filenames will correspond to the search string used, and pages after the first will include a (#) at the end, such as fraud AND damages (2).pdf.

Once the PDF has been opened, the search results will be shown as they are on Casetext after performing a search. From there, individual case titles can be clicked which should automatically open the case within Casetext using your default web browser.

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