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Does Casetext offer public records searching?
Does Casetext offer public records searching?
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A Casetext subscription does not include access to public records. However, Casetext has partnered with Tracers to offer comprehensive public records searching to Casetext customers for the discounted monthly price of $35 per month. If you are a Casetext customer and are interested in subscribing to Tracers to search public records, please visit this page to claim your Tracers' discount:

The public records that you can search on Tracers include the following:

Please note that if you subscribe to Tracers and Casetext, you will receive two invoices: one from Casetext for your Casetext subscription, and one from Tracers for your Tracers subscription.

For specific questions regarding Tracers' billing and content, please contact Tracers' customer support team at

A subscription to Casetext includes unlimited access to primary law from all state and federal jurisdictions, including state and federal cases, statutes, regulations, and rules, as well as access to briefs from select jurisdictions and analyses written by attorneys, judges, and law firms. You can search through these authorities by keyword or natural language searching, or you can search by using CARA, Casetext's award-winning A.I.-based search engine.

For more information on the authorities covered by Casetext, please see the following articles: Detailed Coverage and Secondary Sources.

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