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How do I become the administrator of my firm’s account?
How do I become the administrator of my firm’s account?
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In order to become an account administrator for your firm, your firm's current account administrator will need to access their settings page. To do so, that individual must click on the "Account" tab in the lower left-hand corner of Casetext's homepage, then select "Account and settings" from the drop-down menu (as shown below). Alternatively, they can visit

Once within the settings page, select "Manage firm members".

Here, the current account administrator can add additional members to the firm by clicking "Add New Members", entering the email address of each desired invitee, choosing between “Attorney” and “Paralegal” role options, and finally choosing between the “Admin” and “Member” access for that individual. Select "Admin" for all applicable users.

Alternatively, if the administrator status needs to be updated for an existing member, this can be done by clicking on the name of the active member and adjusting their status under the "Permissions" tab.

If your current account administrator cannot change the firm settings to add an additional administrator, or if you do not know who your current account administrator is, please contact customer support via live chat or email at

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