How can I download cases from Casetext as Word documents?

How to convert Casetext PDFs to Word documents

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All materials available from Casetext will be downloaded in a PDF format, but converting them to Word documents is a fairly easy process. Simply launch Microsoft Word and open the PDF file from within the program.

To find and open a PDF within Word:

  1. Go to "File"

  2. Go to "Open"

  3. Go to "This PC" or "Browse"

  4. Select PDF from "Downloads"

  5. Double-click PDF or click "Open"ย 

Once opened, the PDF file will automatically be converted to a Word document. If you have not opened a PDF in Word before, you will receive a prompt that telling you that the format of the document might be slightly altered in the conversion process. Click "OK".
Once converted, use "Save" or "Save as" to save and store the document in Word (.docx) format.

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