For small firms, each attorney accessing Casetext Research will need their own account, but you are not required to purchase licenses for everyone at your firm. 

For those at your firm who are accessing Casetext Research, our pricing structure is as follows:

Annual Subscription

  • First attorney: $65/month, pre-paid for the year ($780/year)

  • Each additional attorney: $55/month each, pre-paid for the year ($660/year each)

  • Paralegals/support staff: free (with a paid subscription)

Monthly Subscription

  • First attorney: $89/month

  • Each additional attorney: $73/month each

  • Paralegals/support staff: free (with a paid subscription)

To purchase up to 10 licenses, you'll need to start with an individual subscription (you can subscribe here), then add users/licenses to your account. For instructions on adding users, please visit this page

If your firm has more than 10 attorneys, please contact our sales team

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