Yes! Casetext offers a cause of action filter that you may use after entering your initial search terms. To find the cause of action filter, scroll down your search results page. It is on the left side of the page, along with other filtering options:

The cause of action filter will automatically suggest causes of action based upon your search criteria. For example: the search copyright infringement AND song lyrics brings the following causes of action to the filter display:

To filter by one of the suggested causes of action, simply click on the box to the left of the cause of action or its title.

If you would like to customize or add to your cause of action search, click on "More causes of action" at the bottom of the cause of action filter display.

Once "More causes of action" has been selected, the filter will expand to full screen and you will have access to a list of fields of law and their associated causes of action. You may view specific causes of action by clicking on the down-arrow to the right of a law category, which will expand all causes of action contained within that field. 

You may also search for specific causes of action via the search bar under the heading "Filter and narrow" at the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Searches will bring you to the specified cause of action, as well as display all other causes of action within the associated field of law.

To select an entire field or individual cause of action to apply to your search, click on its title or gray box to its left.

The box to the left of a law category will inform you if an entire field of law or only specific causes of action are selected for filtering via the following display options:

  • Gray box - no selections

  • Blue-filled box containing white check mark - all associated causes of action are selected

  • Blue-filled box containing white dash - specific causes of action are selected (selected causes of action will be denoted by a blue-filled box containing white check mark in the expanded list)

To resume your search with the desired causes of action selected, click on "Apply Causes of Action [n]" located at the bottom-right hand corner of your screen.

Creating and Using "Favorites"

You can save frequently used causes of action for future use by creating a "favorite" cause of action filter. To do so:

  1. Select all desired causes of action

  2. Click on "Favorite selection" at the bottom of your screen.

  3. A dialogue box named "New favorite" will open. Name your favorite file and click "Create".

Once created, you will be able to access your saved cause of action files under "Favorites" on the left hand side of your screen. Simply click on the title of the desired favorite to apply its filters and resume your search.

Note: You can change the name of or delete a favorite by clicking on the three vertical dots located directly to its right.

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