Yes! Casetext supports the use of Boolean connectors to conduct proximity searches. You can use Boolean connectors to find cases, statutes, and other authorities that mention certain words within a specified distance of other words.

Proximity Connectors:

  1. /n:  The "/n" connector searches for terms within a certain number of words of each other. Substitute the number of words you would like the proximity to be within for the placeholder value of "n", such as the number 5. Example: investor /5 diligence (as shown in the video below).

  2. /s: The "/s" connector searches for terms within the same sentence. Example: fees /s reasonable.

  3. /p: The "/p" connector searches for terms within the same paragraph. Example: admissible /p warrant

To use proximity connectors, simply type your search terms and chosen connectors into the keyword search bar. Then, initiate your search by clicking the magnifying glass, and you will be taken to your search results page.

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