Yes! Casetext has reference attorneys on staff to help customers find cases and other legal authorities. 

Please note: Our reference attorney service is a premium feature, reserved for attorneys who have an "Advantage", a "Pro" or a Legacy subscription to Casetext. To learn more about Casetext's subscription plans, please see the article available here.

This service is not available to non-attorneys at this time. If you are a pro se litigant who needs help using our software to research a legal issue, you can contact our customer support specialists for assistance. They are available via live chat, email, and phone, as indicated here: In addition, pro se litigants and other non-attorneys are welcome to attend our live webinars to receive training on how to use our software to conduct legal research. In particular, we recommend attending our introductory webinar, which will provide you with an overview of Casetext's legal research tools. You can register for our introductory webinar here.

What reference attorneys can do:

  • Recommend specific search terms and search queries for keyword, natural language, and CARA searches for specific legal issues.

  • Recommend databases and authorities (statutes, cases, regulations, etc.) to search to find information on legal research topics.

  • Provide one-on-one training on CARA, Casetext's SmartCite citator, and other research tools on Casetext.

  • Find a specific case, statute, or other authority.

What reference attorneys cannot do:

  • Provide legal advice, including advising customers on actions to take in a lawsuit or other legal proceeding.

  • Analyze or interpret cases, statutes, or other legal documents.

  • Tell customers whether a legal argument or position has (or lacks) merit.

To find out how you can submit a question to a Casetext reference attorney, as well as information on the types of questions you can submit, please see the article available here.

Please note: Casetext is not a law firm. Our reference attorneys are here to help our customers use Casetext to find authorities on their legal research topics, but we cannot advise anyone on a legal issue. We can provide a helpful starting point for conducting legal research but cannot answer legal questions.

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