Yes! Casetext has licensed attorneys to help customers find cases and other legal authorities. 

What reference attorneys can do:

  • Recommend specific search terms and search queries for keyword, natural language, and CARA searches.

  • Recommend databases and authorities (statutes, cases, regulations, etc.) to search to find information on legal research topics.

  • Provide one-on-one training on CARA, Casetext's SmartCite citator, and other research tools on Casetext.

  • Find a specific case, statute, or other authority.

What reference attorneys cannot do:

  • Provide legal advice, including advising customers on actions to take in a lawsuit or other legal proceeding.

  • Analyze or interpret cases, statutes, or other legal documents.

  • Tell customers whether a legal argument or position has (or lacks) merit.

Please note: Casetext is not a law firm. Our reference attorneys are here to help our customers use Casetext to find authorities on their legal research topics, but we cannot advise anyone on a legal issue. We can provide a helpful starting point for conducting legal research but cannot answer legal questions.

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