With Casetext's CARA A.I., you can:

  • Find cases relevant to the facts and legal issues in your document (more information here)¬†

  • Cite-check your document (more information here)

  • Easily download or print the authorities cited in your document¬†

To download or print the cases and other authorities in your document, follow these steps:

  1. Drag and drop (or click to upload) your document in the Search with CARA A.I. box on the Casetext homepage

2. You'll be prompted to enter or select a fact or legal issue to focus the CARA A.I. results on (the list of cases relevant to your document). Your choice here does not affect the display of cases Cited In your document. You can use the "All recommended cases" option if you don't want to focus your CARA A.I. results.

3. The default display will be the CARA A.I. Results tab (showing you cases relevant to your document). To see the cases in your document, click on the Cited In tab:

4. On the "Cited In" page, move your cursor to the left of the "Authorities cited in your document" heading. This will make a box appear. (A box will also appear to the left of each case if you hover your cursor over the case title.)

5. Click on the box to "Select All" authorities. You will then have the ability to bulk download or print:

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