CARA has two essential functions: (1) you can upload a document to CARA to find cases on your legal topic, and (2) you can upload a document to CARA to cite-check the legal authorities in that document. This article discusses the second function. To learn how you can use CARA to find cases on a legal research issue, please see the following article:

To use CARA to cite-check your document:

(1) Click on the CARA A.I. search button and upload the document that you want to cite-check.

(2) The system will then prompt you to enter a search term. You can bypass this step when you are using CARA to cite-check a document. To bypass this step, enter an asterisk (*) into the search bar. 

(3) Click the orange magnifying glass to the right of the search bar to begin your search (there is no need to select a jurisdiction from "all state & federal").

(4) You will then be taken to CARA's search results page. Once you are there, please click on the "cited in" tab, as shown below:

(5) Clicking on the "cited in" tab will take you to a list of all authorities cited in your document, as shown below. Please note that cases that have received negative treatment on appeal or have subsequent negative history will be marked with red flags and will appear at the top of your results. (For more information on what these red flags mean, please click here:

(6) Hover your cursor over the word "authorities", where it says "Authorities cited in your document" at the top of the page. Doing so will cause a checkbox to appear to the left of the word "Authorities."

(7) Click on the checkbox that appears next to the word "Authorities." A blue banner will appear at the top of the screen, indicating how many authorities have been selected and allowing you to download or print all of those authorities.

(8) To download the authorities, click "download." A zip folder containing your authorities will appear in your browser momentarily

(9) To print the authorities, click "print". A separate window will appear, which will contain PDFs of all of the authorities. From there, you can send the PDFs directly to your computer to print.

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