Use these techniques to help narrow your search to cases from a particular judge.

  1. Set your jurisdiction to the judge's court
  2. Enter your keyword search query into the search
  3. In your keyword search query, include the connector AND and add the judge's name per the guidance below

Judge Name Formatting 

Important: Be sure to include quotation marks around these phrases in your search query. 


U.S. Supreme Court

For federal courts, searching by the judge's last name, followed by their title, is a good place to start. 

Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal

Federal District Courts

You can also add the term judge in front of the judge's last name:

The above is meant to capture opinions where the panel is listed right before the judge who authored the opinion.

The above searches may capture cases in which the judge sat on the panel but did not author the main opinion. In some jurisdictions, you can try these more detailed queries:

3rd, 4th, 6th, 9th and DC Courts of Appeal

  • Format: "Opinion LASTNAME, Circuit Judge"

3rd Circuit Court of Appeal

  • Format: "Opinion of the Court LASTNAME, Circuit Judge"

4th Circuit Court of Appeal

  • Format: "Judge LASTNAME wrote the opinion"


Below are some example searches for locating opinions from judges in state courts. These are not an exhaustive list, but should help you to narrow your results:


  • Supreme Court Format: "Opinion LASTNAME, Justice"
  • Appellate Court Formats: "Opinion LASTNAME, judge"
    "LASTNAME delivered the decision of the court"


  • Supreme Court Formats: "Opinion of the court by LASTNAME"
    "Opinion LASTNAME"
  • Appellate Court Formats: "Opinion LASTNAME"


  • Supreme Court Format: "LASTNAME, J"
  • Appellate Court Formats: "LASTNAME, Judge"


  • Supreme Court Format: "Opinion of the court by LASTNAME"


  • Supreme Court Format: "Justice LASTNAME delivered"
  • Appellate Court Format: "Justice LASTNAME delivered"

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