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How can I find cases with similar issues?
How can I find cases with similar issues?

Discover cases addressing similar issues with this unique feature.

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If you found a paragraph that perfectly captures the legal issue you are focused on, you can quickly find other cases on the same topic by using Casetext's "Similar Issues" tool.
The "Similar Issues" tool gives you one click ability to turn an entire paragraph into a form of natural language search query.

  1. Place your cursor over the paragraph in the case that contains legal or factual issues that you want to find in other cases. A [+] symbol will appear to the right of the paragraph.

2. Move your cursor over to the [+] symbol. The whole paragraph will highlight.

3. Click on the [+] symbol. This will pull up a list of other cases that have paragraphs discussing similar legal and factual issues to the paragraph you are currently viewing.ย 

Our "similar issues" function is a useful way to find multiple similar cases for use in string citations. It is also a quick way to see how a legal issue in a particular factual context has been addressed by multiple cases and courts.

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