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How do I save a jurisdiction selection?
How do I save a jurisdiction selection?

How to set a Favorite jurisdiction selection

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Casetext offers two ways that make it easy to search a particular jurisdiction selection: autosaving and favorites.


By default, when you apply a jurisdiction selection to your search, Casetext will automatically save it so the selection stays with you during future sessions. With this feature, you don't need to keep selecting the same jurisdiction setting every time you visit the site. 

When the "Autosave selections" box is checked and you apply a jurisdiction selection, your selection will be saved and applied to future sessions as well. (If you do not want the jurisdiction selection to stay with you, uncheck the "Autosave selections" box.)


If your research requires you to search different sets of jurisdictions, depending on the matter you are researching, the Favorites feature will come in handy. This allows you to save a jurisdiction selection for quick application in the future. To learn how to apply these saved selections in future searches, visit this page. 

Setting Favorite Jurisdictions

  1. Click on the All State and Federal button to the right of the search bar to open the jurisdiction selection panel:

2. Check the box(es) next to the jurisdiction(s) you want to focus on. In this example, we have chosen all California state courts, the 9th Circuit, and the U. S. Supreme Court:

3. Click on Favorite icon:

4. Give your selection a name and click Create:

Your new favorite will appear on the left side of the jurisdiction selection screen:

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