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Case Page: Navigation Bar

Learn about the features at the top of the case page.

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The navigation bar at the top of the case page lets you access a variety of content related to the case, and perform other helpful research functions.

Left Navigation

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The left side of the navigation bar includes the following functions:

  • PDF icon: click to download a formatted two column PDF of the case

  • Print icon: click to print the case

  • Folder icon: click to bookmark the case

  • Bell icon: receive alerts about this case

  • Ellipses (...): Click here to reveal the options to Connect to Clio or get a shareable URL 

If you have reached the case page via a Casetext search, you will also see the following options:

  • "Back to Results": Click to return to search results

  • " < ": Click to go to the previous case in search results

  • " > ": Click to go to the next case in search results

Center Navigation

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The center of the case page navigation bar provides access to content related to the case.

  • Read: the case page itself

  • Attorney Analyses: commentary from attorneys that reference the case

  • Citing Briefs: briefs from our database of ~100,000 briefs filed in federal court that cite to the case

  • Citing Cases: cases in our database that cite to the case

Right Navigation

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On the right side of the navigation bar, you'll find our search within box. Use this search bar to search for terms within the text of the case. 

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