To see if any cases referenced in your (or opposing counsel's) document have negative treatment, use the CARA A.I.'s Cited In function.

  1. Drag and drop or upload your document via the Search with CARA A.I. box on the Casetext homepage

2. You will be prompted to let CARA know what you want to focus your CARA A.I. results on (the results that show you cases relevant to the document you've uploaded. What you choose does not impact the "Cited In" function. If you only want to look at the cases cited in your document, click on "All suggested cases". 

3. The default display will be your CARA A.I. Results (showing you cases relevant to the document you uploaded). To see the list of cases cited in your document, click on the "Cited In [document name]" tab above your results:

The Cited In page will list cases that were cited in the document you uploaded. If our SmartCite citator has determined that a case has negative treatment or has been overruled, that case will be listed at the top of your Cited In results with a red flag, as shown below:

Below cases with "red flags", CARA will show you any cases in your document with yellow flags. A yellow flag indicates a case has been cited using a contrary citation signal, including but see, but cf., and contra:

To learn more about the flag on a case, open the case by clicking on the case title. On the case page, click on the flag below the case name to see information about the case that did the overruling or other negative treatment:

Additional guidance about the SmartCite citator can be found here

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