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How do I search for terms within a case?
How do I search for terms within a case?

How to locate specific words or phrases on a case page.

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Casetext's search within function allows you to skip to the parts of the case that are most relevant to your search. You'll find it in the upper right section of a case page:

If you are visiting a case page from search results, the box will automatically populate with the text of your keyword search.ย 

NOTE: The search box will initially be shortened; to expand it, click within the box.
To update the term(s) you wish to search for, simply update the text in the search within box on the case page, and hit Enter/Return on your keyboard to search for the new term(s).

To delete all terms so no words are highlighted within the case, click on the search box (if not already expanded) and then click on the X:


To skip to the next term that matches your search, click on the down arrow. To return to the previous highlighted term, use the up arrow:

Within the text of the case, the words that match your query will be highlighted in blue. As you use the arrows to navigate to the next term, the current term you are viewing will be highlighted in purple.

Search Techniques


Putting a search query in quotes highlight only instances where the words appear together:


Use an asterisk to serve as a single letter wildcard. In this example, a search for withdr*w is highlighting both withdrew and withdraw:

Root Expander

Use an exclamation point to serve as a root expander in your search. In this example, a search for frivolous! highlights frivolously and frivolousness:

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