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How can I access statutes, regulations, and rules?
How can I access statutes, regulations, and rules?
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The Casetext database contains federal statutes, regulations, and rules, as well as statutes, regulations, and rules from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. 

You can find statutes, regulations, and rules three different ways: (1) by entering the citation of the statute, regulation, or rule; (2) by running keyword search to find codified laws containing your search terms; or (3) by browsing Casetext's database of statutes, regulations. Instructions regarding each of these methods are provided below.

Finding Statutes, Regulations, and Rules with Keyword Search

Find a Specific Statute

If you know the name or citation of a specific statute, regulation or rule that you want to look up, you can enter that into the search bar to access that statute directly. Click on the suggested statute in the drop-down suggestion menu:

Search by Keyword

You can also use keyword search to find statutes, regulations, or rules. After entering your search terms into the search bar on the homepage and clicking on the magnifying glass icon to initiate your keyword search, select "Statutes" from the rleft side of the search results screen. You can also select "Regulations" or "Rules."

(For guidance on filtering your results by jurisdiction, go here.)

Browsing Statutes

You can also browse Casetext’s database of statutes, codes and regulations by clicking on the "Statutes & Regs" icon that appears in the middle of the homepage:

This will take you to our codified law library, where you can browse statutes, codes and regulations:

For more information on navigating through our database of statutes, codes, and regulations, please see the article, How Do I Browse Statutes, Regulations, and Rules?, available here.

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