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Can I see a detailed list of your primary law coverage?
Can I see a detailed list of your primary law coverage?
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The Casetext Research database includes federal and state case law, statutes, rules and regulations. See below for a breakdown of the jurisdictions covered in our database. For information regarding the date ranges of cases found in our database, please visit this page. 


U.S. Supreme Court

1st Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the First Circuit 

  • District of Maine 

  • District of Massachusetts

  • District of New Hampshire

  • District of Puerto Rico 

  • District of Rhode Island 

  • Bankruptcy Courts

  • Bankruptcy Appellate Panel

2nd Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit

  • District of Connecticut 

  • District of Vermont 

  • Eastern District of New York 

  • Northern District of New York 

  • Southern District of New York 

  • Western District of New York 

  • Bankruptcy Courts

  • Bankruptcy Appellate Panel 

3rd Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit

  • District of Delaware 

  • District of New Jersey 

  • District of the Virgin Islands 

  • Eastern District of Pennsylvania 

  • Middle District of Pennsylvania 

  • Western District of Pennsylvania

  • Bankruptcy Courts 

4th Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit

  • District of Maryland 

  • District of South Carolina 

  • Eastern District of North Carolina 

  • Middle District of North Carolina 

  • Western District of North Carolina 

  • Eastern District of Virginia 

  • Western District of Virginia 

  • Northern District of West Virginia 

  • Southern District of West Virginia 

  • Bankruptcy Courts

5th Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

  • Eastern District of Louisiana 

  • Middle District of Louisiana 

  • Western District of Louisiana 

  • Northern District of Mississippi 

  • Southern District of  Mississippi 

  • Eastern District of Texas 

  • Northern District of Texas 

  • Southern District of Texas 

  • Western District of Texas 

  • Bankruptcy Courts

6th Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit

  • Eastern District of  Kentucky 

  • Western District of Kentucky 

  • Eastern District of Michigan 

  • Western District of Michigan 

  • Northern District of Ohio 

  • Southern District of Ohio 

  • Eastern District of Tennessee 

  • Middle District of Tennessee 

  • Western District of Tennessee 

  • Bankruptcy Courts

  • Bankruptcy Appellate Panel

7th Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

  • Central District of Illinois 

  • Northern District of Illinois 

  • Southern District of Illinois 

  • Northern District of Indiana 

  • Southern District of Indiana 

  • Eastern District of Wisconsin 

  • Western District of Wisconsin 

  • Bankruptcy Courts

8th Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit

  • District of Minnesota 

  • District of Nebraska 

  • District of North Dakota 

  • District of South Dakota 

  • Eastern District of Arkansas 

  • Western District of Arkansas 

  • Northern District of Iowa 

  • Southern District of Iowa 

  • Eastern District of Missouri 

  • Western District of Missouri 

  • Bankruptcy Courts

  • Bankruptcy Appellate Panel

9th Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

  • District of Alaska 

  • District of Arizona 

  • District of Guam 

  • District of Hawaii 

  • District of Idaho 

  • District of Montana 

  • District of Nevada 

  • District of Oregon 

  • Central District of California

  • Eastern District of California 

  • Northern District of California 

  • Southern District of California 

  • Eastern District of Washington 

  • Western District of Washington 

  • Bankruptcy Courts

  • Bankruptcy Appellate Panel

10th Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit

  • District of Colorado 

  • District of Kansas 

  • District of New Mexico 

  • District of Utah 

  • District of Wyoming 

  • Eastern District of Oklahoma 

  • Western District of Oklahoma 

  • Bankruptcy Courts

  • Bankruptcy Appellate Panel

11th Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit

  • Middle District of Alabama 

  • Northern District of Alabama 

  • Southern District of Alabama 

  • Middle District of Florida 

  • Northern District of Florida 

  • Southern District of Florida 

  • Middle District of Georgia 

  • Northern District of Georgia 

  • Southern District of Georgia 

  • Bankruptcy Courts

DC Circuit

  • DC Circuit Court of Appeals

  • DC District Court

  • Bankruptcy Courts

Federal Circuit 

Federal Register


Tax Court

Board of Tax Appeals

Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB)

Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB)

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

  • Published Board Decisions

  • Unpublished Board Decisions

  • Administrative Law Judge Decisions


  • U.S. Code 

  • Code of Federal Regulations 



  • Alabama Code

  • Alabama Administrative Code

  • Alabama Court Rules

  • Supreme Court of Alabama 

  • Court of Civil Appeals of Alabama 

  • Court of Criminal Appeals of Alabama 


  • Alaska Statutes

  • Alaska Administrative Code

  • Alaska Court Rules 

  • Supreme Court of Alaska 

  • Court of Appeals of Alaska 


  • Arizona Revised Statutes

  • Arizona Administrative Code

  • Arizona Court Rules

  • Arizona Supreme Court 

  • Arizona Court of Appeals 


  • Arkansas Code 

  • Arkansas Court Rules

  • Arkansas Supreme Court 

  • Arkansas Court of Appeals 


  • California Code 

  • California Regulations

  • California Rules

  • California Supreme Court 

  • California Courts of Appeal

  • California Constitution

  • California Trial Court Briefs


  • Colorado Revised Statutes 

  • Colorado Code of Regulations

  • Colorado Court Rules

  • Colorado Supreme Court 

  • Colorado Court of Appeals 


  • Connecticut Statutes 

  • Connecticut Agencies Regulations

  • Connecticut Court Rules

  • Connecticut Supreme Court 

  • Connecticut Appellate Court 

  • Connecticut Circuit Court 


  • Delaware Code 

  • Delaware Administrative Code

  • Delaware Court Rules

  • Delaware Supreme Court 

  • Delaware Court of Chancery

  • Delaware Family Court

District of Columbia

  • District of Columbia Code 

  • District of Columbia Administrative Code

  • District of Columbia Court of Appeals 


  • Florida Statutes 

  • Florida Administrative Code

  • Florida Court Rules

  • Florida Supreme Court 

  • District Courts of Appeal


  • Georgia Code

  • Georgia Compiled Rules & Regulations

  • Georgia Court Rules

  • Georgia Supreme Court 

  • Georgia Court of Appeals 


  • Hawaii Revised Statutes 

  • Hawaii Code of Rules

  • Hawaii Court Rules

  • Hawaii Supreme Court 

  • Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals 


  • Idaho Code 

  • Idaho Court Rules

  • Idaho Supreme Court 

  • Idaho Court of Appeals 


  • Illinois Compiled Statutes 

  • Illinois Administrative Code

  • Illinois Court Rules

  • Illinois Supreme Court 

  • Illinois Appellate Court 


  • Indiana Code 

  • Indiana Administrative Code

  • Indiana Court Rules

  • Indiana Supreme Court

  • Indiana Appellate Court

  • Indiana Court of Appeals


  • Iowa Code

  • Iowa Administrative Code

  • Iowa Court Rules

  • Iowa Supreme Court 

  • Iowa Court of Appeals 


  • Kansas Statutes 

  • Kansas Administrative Regulations

  • Kansas Court Rules

  • Kansas Supreme Court 

  • Kansas Court of Appeals 


  • Kentucky Revised Statutes 

  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations

  • Kentucky Court Rules

  • Kentucky Supreme Court 

  • Kentucky Court of Appeals 


  • Louisiana Revised Statutes

  • Louisiana Administrative Code

  • Louisiana Court Rules

  • Louisiana Supreme Court 

  • Louisiana Court of Appeal 


  • Maine Statutes 

  • Maine Code of Rules

  • Maine Court Rules

  • Maine Supreme Judicial Court 


  • Code of Maryland

  • Maryland Code of Regulations

  • Maryland Court Rules

  • Maryland Court of Appeals 

  • Maryland Court of Special Appeals 


  • General Laws of Massachusetts 

  • Massachusetts Regulations

  • Massachusetts Court Rules

  • Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts 

  • Appeals Court of Massachusetts 

  • Massachusetts Appellate Division 


  • Michigan Compiled Laws 

  • Michigan Administrative Code

  • Michigan Court Rules

  • Michigan Supreme Court 

  • Michigan Court of Appeals 


  • Minnesota Statutes 

  • Minnesota Administrative Code

  • Minnesota Court Rules

  • Minnesota Supreme Court 

  • Minnesota Court of Appeals 


  • Mississippi Code 

  • Mississippi Administrative Code

  • Mississippi Court Rules

  • Mississippi Supreme Court 

  • Mississippi Court of Appeals 


  • Missouri Revised Statutes 

  • Missouri Code of State Regulations

  • Missouri Court Rules

  • Missouri Supreme Court 

  • Missouri Court of Appeals 


  • Montana Code 

  • Montana Administrative Code

  • Montana Supreme Court 


  • Revised Statutes of Nebraska

  • Nebraska Administrative Code

  • Nebraska Court Rules

  • Nebraska Supreme Court

  • Nebraska Court of Appeals


  • Nevada Revised Statutes 

  • Nevada Administrative Code

  • Nevada Court Rules

  • Nevada Supreme Court 

  • Nevada Court of Appeals 

New Hampshire

  • New Hampshire Revised Statutes 

  • New Hampshire Administrative Code

  • New Hampshire Court Rules

  • New Hampshire Supreme Court 

New Jersey

  • New Jersey Statutes 

  • New Jersey Administrative Code

  • New Jersey Rules of Court

  • New Jersey Supreme Court 

  • New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division 

New Mexico

  • New Mexico Statutes 

  • New Mexico Administrative Code

  • New Mexico Court Rules

  • New Mexico Supreme Court 

  • New Mexico Court of Appeals 

New York

  • New York Consolidated Laws 

  • New York Codes, Rules and Regulations

  • New York Rules

  • Court of Appeals of the State of New York

  • Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York

North Carolina

  • General Statutes of North Carolina

  • North Carolina Administrative Code

  • North Carolina Court Rules

  • North Carolina Supreme Court 

  • North Carolina Court of Appeals 

North Dakota

  • North Dakota Code 

  • North Dakota Administrative Code 

  • North Dakota Court Rules

  • North Dakota Supreme Court 

  • North Dakota Court of Appeals 


  • Ohio Revised Code 

  • Ohio Administrative Code 

  • Ohio Court Rules

  • Ohio Supreme Court 

  • Ohio Court of Appeals 


  • Oklahoma Statutes 

  • Oklahoma Administrative Code 

  • Oklahoma Court Rules

  • Oklahoma Supreme Court 

  • Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals

  • Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals 


  • Oregon Revised Statutes 

  • Oregon Administrative Rules

  • Oregon Court Rules

  • Oregon Supreme Court 

  • Oregon Court of Appeals 


  • Pennsylvania Statutes

  • Pennsylvania Code (Regulations) 

  • Pennsylvania Court Rules

  • Pennsylvania Supreme Court 

  • Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court

Puerto Rico

  • Laws of Puerto Rico

Rhode Island

  • General Laws of Rhode Island 

  • Rhode Island Administrative Code

  • Rhode Island Court Rules

  • Rhode Island Supreme Court 

South Carolina

  • South Carolina Code

  • South Carolina Code of Regulations

  • South Carolina Court Rules

  • South Carolina Supreme Court

  • South Carolina Court of Appeals

South Dakota

  • South Dakota Code 

  • South Dakota Administrative Rules

  • South Dakota Court Rules

  • South Dakota Supreme Court


  • Tennessee Code 

  • Tennessee Compilation of Rules & Regulations

  • Tennessee Court Rules

  • Tennessee Supreme Court 

  • Court of Criminal Appeals of Tennessee 

  • Court of Appeals of Tennessee 


  • Texas Codes 

  • Texas Administrative Code 

  • Texas Court Rules

  • Texas Supreme Court 

  • Texas Court of Criminal Appeals 

  • Texas Court of Appeals 

  • Texas Court of Civil Appeals 


  • Utah Code 

  • Utah Administrative Code 

  • Utah Court Rules

  • Utah Supreme Court 

  • Utah Court of Appeals 


  • Vermont Statutes 

  • Vermont Administrative Code

  • Vermont Court Rules

  • Vermont Supreme Court 


  • Code of Virginia

  • Virginia Administrative Code 

  • Virginia Court Rules

  • Virginia Supreme Court 

  • Virginia Court of Appeals 


  • Washington Code 

  • Washington Administrative Code

  • Washington Court Rules

  • Washington Supreme Court 

  • Washington Court of Appeals 

West Virginia

  • West Virginia Code 

  • West Virginia Administrative Code

  • West Virginia Court Rules

  • West Virginia Supreme Court 


  • Wisconsin Statutes 

  • Wisconsin Administrative Code 

  • Wisconsin Court Rules

  • Wisconsin Supreme Court 

  • Wisconsin Court of Appeals 


  • Wyoming Statutes

  • Wyoming Administrative Code 

  • Wyoming Supreme Court 


Select briefs from:

  • Federal District Courts

  • California Supreme Court 

  • California County Superior Courts (includes trial court briefs and pleadings)

  • New York Appellate Court

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