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How do I use copy with cite?
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Casetext's copy with cite feature allows you to easily save a quote, complete with the citation and the pin cite, from a case. 

To use the feature, follow the steps below. You can also watch a quick video tutorial here.

 1. Highlight the passage in a case you wish to copy. You will see four options:

  • Copy with citation

  • Copy as parenthetical citation

  • Highlight

  • Add note

2. Click on the copy option you want. This will copy the text and citation to your computer's clipboard. (For more information, visit this page.)

3. Paste the text into a separate document. (To learn how to Paste text, visit this page)

Copy with citation appears as:

Copy as parenthetical citation appears as:

NOTE: Only the most recently copied text will be available to paste, so if you have multiple passages you wish to copy, you should complete the copy-and-paste process with one before moving on to the next.

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