CARA A.I. is our unique artificial intelligence technology that delivers the most relevant cases, faster, including many that researchers would otherwise miss. By uploading your legal brief or complaint to CARA A.I., your results are customized to focus in on the context of your research. 

Getting Started

From the Casetext homepage

  • Drag and drop or upload a legal document -- a complaint, brief, memo, or any document with relevant factual or legal issues -- into the Search with CARA A.I. box

  • Click on the CARA A.I. button to the left of the search bar. A box will appear where you can upload your document.

Once you've uploaded your document, you will be prompted to add (or select) a search term to focus your CARA results. 

In seconds, Casetext’s CARA A.I. technology will tailor your search and rank your results based on the specific legal and factual issues you care about. 

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