The Casetext database includes federal and state case law, statutes, and regulations. See below for a detailed breakdown of the jurisdictions covered in our database; for a summary, visit this page. 


U.S. Supreme Court

1st Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the First Circuit 
  • District of Maine 
  • District of Massachusetts
  • District of New Hampshire
  • District of Puerto Rico 
  • District of Rhode Island 
  • Bankruptcy Courts
  • Bankruptcy Appellate Panel

2nd Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
  • District of Connecticut 
  • District of Vermont 
  • Eastern District of New York 
  • Northern District of New York 
  • Southern District of New York 
  • Western District of New York 
  • Bankruptcy Courts
  • Bankruptcy Appellate Panel 

3rd Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
  • District of Delaware 
  • District of New Jersey 
  • District of the Virgin Islands 
  • Eastern District of Pennsylvania 
  • Middle District of Pennsylvania 
  • Western District of Pennsylvania
  • Bankruptcy Courts 

4th Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit
  • District of Maryland 
  • District of South Carolina 
  • Eastern District of North Carolina 
  • Middle District of North Carolina 
  • Western District of North Carolina 
  • Eastern District of Virginia 
  • Western District of Virginia 
  • Northern District of West Virginia 
  • Southern District of West Virginia 
  • Bankruptcy Courts

5th Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
  • Eastern District of Louisiana 
  • Middle District of Louisiana 
  • Western District of Louisiana 
  • Northern District of Mississippi 
  • Southern District of  Mississippi 
  • Eastern District of Texas 
  • Northern District of Texas 
  • Southern District of Texas 
  • Western District of Texas 
  • Bankruptcy Courts

6th Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
  • Eastern District of  Kentucky 
  • Western District of Kentucky 
  • Eastern District of Michigan 
  • Western District of Michigan 
  • Northern District of Ohio 
  • Southern District of Ohio 
  • Eastern District of Tennessee 
  • Middle District of Tennessee 
  • Western District of Tennessee 
  • Bankruptcy Courts
  • Bankruptcy Appellate Panel

7th Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit
  • Central District of Illinois 
  • Northern District of Illinois 
  • Southern District of Illinois 
  • Northern District of Indiana 
  • Southern District of Indiana 
  • Eastern District of Wisconsin 
  • Western District of Wisconsin 
  • Bankruptcy Courts

8th Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit
  • District of Minnesota 
  • District of Nebraska 
  • District of North Dakota 
  • District of South Dakota 
  • Eastern District of Arkansas 
  • Western District of Arkansas 
  • Northern District of Iowa 
  • Southern District of Iowa 
  • Eastern District of Missouri 
  • Western District of Missouri 
  • Bankruptcy Courts
  • Bankruptcy Appellate Panel

9th Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
  • District of Alaska 
  • District of Arizona 
  • District of Guam 
  • District of Hawaii 
  • District of Idaho 
  • District of Montana 
  • District of Nevada 
  • District of Oregon 
  • Central District of California
  • Eastern District of California 
  • Northern District of California 
  • Southern District of California 
  • Eastern District of Washington 
  • Western District of Washington 
  • Bankruptcy Courts
  • Bankruptcy Appellate Panel

10th Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit
  • District of Colorado 
  • District of Kansas 
  • District of New Mexico 
  • District of Utah 
  • District of Wyoming 
  • Eastern District of Oklahoma 
  • Western District of Oklahoma 
  • Bankruptcy Courts
  • Bankruptcy Appellate Panel

11th Circuit

  • Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit
  • Middle District of Alabama 
  • Northern District of Alabama 
  • Southern District of Alabama 
  • Middle District of Florida 
  • Northern District of Florida 
  • Southern District of Florida 
  • Middle District of Georgia 
  • Northern District of Georgia 
  • Southern District of Georgia 
  • Bankruptcy Courts

DC Circuit

  • DC Circuit Court of Appeals
  • DC District Court
  • Bankruptcy Courts

Federal Circuit 


Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB)

Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB)

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Board of Immigration Appeals 

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

  • Published Board Decisions
  • Unpublished Board Decisions
  • Administrative Law Judge Decisions


  • U.S. Code 
  • Code of Federal Regulations 



  • Alabama Code 
  • Supreme Court of Alabama 
  • Court of Civil Appeals of Alabama 
  • Court of Criminal Appeals of Alabama 


  • Alaska Statutes 
  • Supreme Court of Alaska 
  • Court of Appeals of Alaska 


  • Arizona Revised Statutes
  • Arizona Supreme Court 
  • Arizona Court of Appeals 


  • Arkansas Code 
  • Arkansas Supreme Court 
  • Arkansas Court of Appeals 


  • California Code 
  • California Supreme Court 
  • California Courts of Appeal


  • Colorado Revised Statutes 
  • Colorado Supreme Court 
  • Colorado Court of Appeals 


  • General Statutes of Connecticut 
  • Connecticut Supreme Court 
  • Connecticut Appellate Court 
  • Connecticut Superior Court 
  • Connecticut Circuit Court 


  • Delaware Code 
  • Delaware Supreme Court 
  • Delaware Court of Chancery
  • Delaware Superior Court
  • Delaware Family Court

District of Columbia

  • District of Columbia Code 
  • District of Columbia Court of Appeals 


  • Florida Statutes 
  • Florida Supreme Court 
  • District Courts of Appeal


  • Code of Georgia 
  • Georgia Supreme Court 
  • Georgia Court of Appeals 


  • Hawaii Revised Statutes 
  • Hawaii Supreme Court 
  • Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals 


  • Idaho Code 
  • Idaho Supreme Court 
  • Idaho Court of Appeals 


  • Illinois Compiled Statutes 
  • Illinois Supreme Court 
  • Illinois Appellate Court 


  • Indiana Code 
  • Indiana Supreme Court
  • Indiana Appellate Court
  • Indiana Court of Appeals


  • Code of Iowa
  • Iowa Supreme Court 
  • Iowa Court of Appeals 


  • Kansas Statutes 
  • Kansas Supreme Court 
  • Kansas Court of Appeals 


  • Kentucky Revised Statutes 
  • Kentucky Supreme Court 
  • Kentucky Court of Appeals 


  • Louisiana Revised Statutes
  • Louisiana Supreme Court 
  • Louisiana Court of Appeal 


  • Maine Statutes 
  • Maine Supreme Judicial Court 


  • Code of Maryland 
  • Maryland Court of Appeals 
  • Maryland Court of Special Appeals 


  • General Laws of Massachusetts 
  • Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts 
  • Appeals Court of Massachusetts 
  • Massachusetts Appellate Division 


  • Michigan Compiled Laws 
  • Michigan Supreme Court 
  • Michigan Court of Appeals 


  • Minnesota Statutes 
  • Minnesota Supreme Court 
  • Minnesota Court of Appeals 


  • Mississippi Code 
  • Mississippi Supreme Court 
  • Mississippi Court of Appeals 


  • Missouri Revised Statutes 
  • Missouri Supreme Court 
  • Missouri Court of Appeals 


  • Montana Code 
  • Montana Supreme Court 


  • Revised Statutes of Nebraska 
  • Nebraska Supreme Court 
  • Nebraska Court of Appeals


  • Nevada Revised Statutes 
  • Nevada Supreme Court 
  • Nevada Court of Appeals 

New Hampshire

  • New Hampshire Revised Statutes 
  • New Hampshire Supreme Court 

New Jersey

  • New Jersey Statutes 
  • New Jersey Supreme Court 
  • New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division 

New Mexico

  • New Mexico Statutes 
  • New Mexico Supreme Court 
  • New Mexico Court of Appeals 

New York

  • New York Consolidated Laws 
  • Court of Appeals of the State of New York
  • Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York

North Carolina

  • General Statutes of North Carolina 
  • North Carolina Supreme Court 
  • North Carolina Court of Appeals 
  • North Carolina Superior Court 

North Dakota

  • North Dakota Code 
  • North Dakota Supreme Court 
  • North Dakota Court of Appeals 


  • Ohio Revised Code 
  • Ohio Supreme Court 
  • Ohio Court of Appeals 


  • Oklahoma Statutes 
  • Oklahoma Supreme Court 
  • Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals
  • Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals 


  • Oregon Revised Statutes 
  • Oregon Supreme Court 
  • Oregon Court of Appeals 


  • Pennsylvania Statutes 
  • Pennsylvania Supreme Court 
  • Pennsylvania Superior Court
  • Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court

Puerto Rico

  • Laws of Puerto Rico

Rhode Island

  • General Laws of Rhode Island 
  • Rhode Island Supreme Court 

South Dakota

  • South Dakota Code 
  • South Dakota Supreme Court


  • Tennessee Code 
  • Tennessee Supreme Court 
  • Court of Criminal Appeals of Tennessee 
  • Court of Appeals of Tennessee 


  • Texas Codes 
  • Texas Supreme Court 
  • Texas Court of Criminal Appeals 
  • Texas Court of Appeals 
  • Texas Court of Civil Appeals 


  • Utah Code 
  • Utah Supreme Court 
  • Utah Court of Appeals 


  • Vermont Statutes 
  • Vermont Supreme Court 


  • Code of Virginia
  • Virginia Supreme Court 
  • Virginia Court of Appeals 


  • Washington Code 
  • Washington Supreme Court 
  • Washington Court of Appeals 

West Virginia

  • West Virginia Code 
  • West Virginia Supreme Court 


  • Wisconsin Statutes 
  • Wisconsin Supreme Court 
  • Wisconsin Court of Appeals 


  • Wyoming Statutes 
  • Wyoming Supreme Court 


  • Select Federal Court Briefs
  • California Supreme Court Briefs 2010-present
  • Select New York Appellate Court Briefs
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