We understand you need to feel confident that the cases you cite in your argument are still good law; that’s why we released Casetext Citator. With Casetext, red flags on cases that have been negatively treated on appeal or overturned will let you be confident that a case you are citing is still binding.

What does Casetext Citator cover?

Casetext Citator covers state and federal court opinions in Casetext’s database that are no longer good law, either through being overturned by a subsequent case or being reversed on appeal.  

Citator does not cover: unreported cases, cases invalidated by statute, state trial court cases, or courts of limited jurisdiction, such as administrative courts. Note that no citator is completely accurate, and we are constantly improving.

How will I know if a case has been negatively treated on appeal or overturned?

You will see either a “Negative Treatment” or “Overruled” red flag on the case page.

Cases which have been negatively treated on appeal will be noted with a Negative Treatment flag that will note that this case has had negative treatment on appeal and is no longer good law. Negative treatments on appeal include cases that have been reversed, vacated, withdrawn or superseded in whole or in part. 

Cases that have been overturned by a subsequent ruling will also be noted with a red flag. 

When you click on the red flag, you will see information on the case that issued the negative treatment, or overturned the case you are viewing, and you can click through to that case on Casetext.

How was Casetext Citator built?

Casetext Citator was developed in-house through a combination of advanced machine learning and editorial review.

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