The Casetext database contains statutes from all 50 states, the District of Columbia. and Puerto Rico. All statutes on Casetext, both federal and state, are updated at least weekly.

You can search for statutes using keyword search, browsing the statute table of contents, or by conducting a CARA A.I. powered search. See below for more info, and for a video guide, go here.

Finding Statutes with Keyword Search

If you know the name or citation of a specific statute you want to look up, you can enter that into the search bar to access that statute directly:

You can also use keyword search to find statutes; once you conduct your search you can select Statutes from the result types on the left side of the screen:

For a list of the search techniques we support, go here; for guidance on filtering your results by jurisdiction, go here.

Browsing State Statutes

You can also browse Casetext’s database of state statutes by clicking on the section symbol in the upper right corner of your screen: 

...or by clicking on the "§ Browse statutes and regulations” link on the Casetext homepage:

This will take you to a list of the states, and from there you can access each state’s library of statutes:

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